Home Body (Candle + Journal + Music)

Home Body (Candle + Journal + Music)


Candle Aroma:

  • Magnolia, fresh greens, vanilla and wood.

A sweet floral scent with a fresh green opening dry down to an intoxicating finish.

There’s a Comfort in Home:

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is definitely not something you struggle with because JOMO (joy of missing out) is the lifestyle you wear so well. Your night life wardrobe is inclusive of candles, journals, and music and maybe a good book, coupled with Netflix. Your idea of a perfect date is creating your own date night at home using your creativity to pull off the most romantic evening with your snuggle buddy. Home Body is your badge of honor, and there’s no shame in your game regarding that subject matter.

While I may love an adventure or two, I’m a home body for the most part. My amusement is my peace of mind and solitude. Cool right? haha see how I just answered that for you. :)

Isaiah 32:18 “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”

Isn’t it refreshing to find peace and security in the confines of your own space in a society where everyone is all about the hustle. I’m pretty sure you’ve possibly experienced those days where it’s been impossible to sit still, due to deadlines to meet, projects to complete, children to feed, home to clean, dog to walk and the list goes on. You may also be acquainted with days of fatigue and frustration due to situations beyond your control, or even people beyond your control.

God’s promise to you is that you will dwell in a peaceful and secure home. A place of rest! In times of turbulence, you can be confident in the fact that He is your constant, He is your security.

My challenge to you this week is, regardless of whether you’re a home body or not, take some time to create your own solitude amidst your busy schedule. Plan a “home Body date” light a candle, write to God if journaling is your thing, play some gospel music.

If you’re wanting a good read and the perfect companion, grab the book ‘home Body’ by Joanna Gaines on Amazon. The book contains useful tips on how to create a space you never want to leave which is a “home body’s” dream come true. Am I right? or Am I right? :) It’s the 2nd home decor book I’ve purchased to date and from the looks of what I’ve read so far, it is a pretty good read.

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