Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper


Candle Aroma

  • White Tea and Ginger Goodness

Regardless of what stage of the Fixer Upper Process you’re at, you just may smile when you smell this candle. It is zen, mellow, well balanced and soothing.

God Transforms Dilapidated Bungalows into Stunning Dream Homes:

If the Fixer Upper Design show by chip and Joanna Gaines has you in a daze then no questions asked we’re sisters from another mother. I love that show! Chip and Joanna are not afraid to tackle the dirty projects, they get right in there with their, shirt sleeves tucked back, hard hat and steel toe boots and all. Theres no doubt in watching the show that restoration can be a messy process but isn’t it just gorgeous once they finish? Joanna works miracles I tell you!

As you invite God to restore those broken pieces of your life, emotions, whatever it, that process too can be an uncomfortable one. If you’re anything like me, when that process begins to stretch you, you may ask God the hard questions like “ Isn’t there any other way around this process?” do you have to revisit those uncomfortable places and habits that you’ve buried for so long? What if I find something that catches me totally off guard.? You may think God “Forget the hard hat…Gimme HGTV.” We’ve all been there, jeesh I’m there now! lol

Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Get in there ready to strip down and paint over walls. Embrace the process of transformation. Get ready for a total make over as God refreshes and restores your soul, destiny and purpose.

“Restoration is the yuckiest process isn’t it? As God invites you to partner with him in the restoration process, you may find it uncomfortable and extremely unpleasant. Choose to trust God knowing that he promises to restore the broken pieces of your life into something remarkable. ” — Keimesha Thomas

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