Binge Reading (Hulu and Netflix Can Wait)

Binge Reading (Hulu and Netflix Can Wait)


Candle Aroma:

super refreshing and sophisticated. It starts with ripe, tangy and zesty grapefruit fused with garden-fresh mint.

Stop Binge Watching and Start Binge Reading:

“I tried everything to get to sleep last night…Well, except that thing where you close your book and stop reading.” Yup, you’re either that girl or the friend of that girl! That’s why you’re slightly giggling and having so much fun reading a description of your personality right now. lol

The other gals simply can’t keep up with you because you’re a fast reader and you get the plot faster than most. You love books, the way they smell, feel and the characters in them. For you, reading is fun, head tingling, goosebump-raising fun. A vivid and conscious dream that you get to stay awake for.

I strongly believe that your desire to read more is a gift. Proverbs 15:14 states “wise men love learning and crave knowledge.” That desire for knowledge was placed in you by a knowledgeable God. My challenge to you this season is to binge read the Bible. the Bible is a big book and I admit, it can be intimidating. But make a conscious decision to start. God’s desire is to get personal, he wants to talk to you through the pages of his word. How about asking him where to start? Don’t just pick out verses, Read in books; read in large portions. Read it all…Netflix can wait… It’s time to get your read on!

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