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  Time to pull out the walking boots!

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Candle Light!
Sharing Christ in the little things


Don’t you just love the sweet aroma of a candle while reading a book or surfing the internet as you relax on the sofa or in bed? There’s just something about scent that makes a room warm and cozy. We produce candles and bath and body, products with messages that are sure to encourage your heart and make you smile. Like the beautiful scent of our products, we, by our lives and our words spread the knowledge of the power of God for salvation to everyone we meet, by modeling his love and character.

A Rich Aroma +
Quality Ingredients

Wait… what’s that smell? Our hand poured, vegan coconut and soy coco candles are scented with phthalate free fragrances, and styled with a cotton wood or ribbon wick. Affectionately Packaged? ofcourse! You’ll feel like you received a gift from a friend who’s thinking of you, because we are.



Cotton + Amber:
Ahhh! Smells like I’m about to decorate!

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"Our Boasting is in Jesus."

— Keimesha Campbell-Thomas


Make A Statement In Style

Jazz up your space with the Decor Market Collection

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Paulownia Wood Bowls

Say hello to your new accent piece. Simple organic and beautiful! These eco friendly, hand carved bowls are sure to transform your space into indie boho paradise.

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Fun Meets Entryway

Ready to add a little charm, and personalty to your entryway? you’ll be that one friend or family member that everyone remembers because of how good you made them feel.

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Accent Pom Throw

Did someone say Pom Pom at home? Get curled up with your warm pom throw or add a playful and jazzy flair to your home by placing throw on an accent chair or style at the foot of the bed.


Matthew 11:28 :
God promises Massage Therapy

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Clay in the Potters Hands

Almost a year ago while talking to God during my lunch break at the Taco Truck across from my job; the vision for P.S Made for More Candle Co. became very plain. Every product is to encourage you to “Experience the fragrance of God’s presence” in your everyday life with a focus on inspiring you to keep your mind on Jesus because he is your peace. He has been my peace and my sanity when I thought I would lose my mind. I boast in Christ because of where I’ve been and where he has taken me from. I’ve felt worthless, defeated, fear driven, insecure, suicidal, worthless BUT JESUS! So when I say my boasting is in who God is and what he is doing in and through me, it’s not just something I say because it sounds good, it is because HE is my life. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me. Together in collaboration with the Bay Area Turning point and Mara’s Place we make a difference in assisting families experiencing domestic and sexual violence. Thank You for making this happen :) xox Meisha

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