Sweetest Of Loves

Sweetest Of Loves


I’ve tasted and seen of the sweetest of loves

| Kim Walker-Smith

Story behind the collection:

This collection was born out of a deep desire for more of God, a closer walk. For the past few weeks I’ve felt like this season was one in which God was not only calling me closer but he was speaking to the hearts of individuals all over the world. I didn’t share this with anyone but surprisingly while on a conference call prayer meeting the leader of the prayer meeting that I had never met before shared the same thing. I’ve been seeking clarity on what messages to incorporate on the candles and also how best to minister to the needs of his people. Coincidentally I stumbled on the song “till I found you” and the words “he’s rewriting my story” ministered to me. The Holy Spirit reminded me, that several years ago, way before I even thought of making candles, I wrote an article on my way home walking from work with the title God writes which pretty much spoke on the subject of God writing our story. As we draw closer to God he will rewrite our stories. Breakthroughs will take place, we will be amazed at the work that will take place in our hearts as we pull closer to him. This is the season where we must put down the pen and allow God to write. He is calling us closer!

Additional Details:

Our small 9 oz Jar candle is suitable for a bathroom or small spaces. Burns well in a 12x12 size room. A great option for your everyday use with over 14 Scents to choose from. Candle comes packaged in a silver gift bag.

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