Ah kindness what a simple way to tell another struggling soul there is love to be found in this world.

| A.A Malee

This candle was inspired and was initially created as a gift to my co worker Cheryl who has impacted me with her kindness. On Wednesday August 15, 2013 I had an extremely difficult day at work that brought me to tears, like literally. When I returned to my desk as I was about to go to lunch I was surprised to see a bouquet of Sunflowers on my desk along with some animal crackers, water, mentos, jello and an encouraging note reminding me of Gods love and to stay in the word. That simple act of kindness from a co worker changed my mood instantly. A little kindness goes a long way.

Feeling behind the fragrance:

Definitely not an over the top floral scent but a beautiful blend of floral and earthy. A perfect, year round floral medley blending fruity, floral, earthy and woody notes inspired by sunflowers. No flower can lift someones spirits quite like sunflowers can. They are bright and cheery and warm and inviting. This candle is a reminder to be kind in a world where you can be anything and is the perfect gift to someone who has been kind to you lately.

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