I'm a Fixer Upper (6 Week Devotional Study)

I'm a Fixer Upper (6 Week Devotional Study)


Do you feel like a fixer-upper? Are you looking for a renewed sense of self or a total spiritual makeover? If so, Alene Snodgrass' soul-searching study is just what you need. This book will help renovate your days, transform your heart, and light up your life as you journey with Jesus through the rooms of your home.

Using God's blueprint, this six-week heart-enlightening study is designed to change you from the inside out. Through story-telling, infectious humor and Biblical truths, Alene will challenge and inspire you as the Master Builder transforms you. By participating in daily remodeling tips, you will restore, repair, and renovate God's house--your spiritual life-from day one. You might feel like a fixer-upper, but you'll soon be fixed-up because you'll be fixed on God. You won't even need a hammer for this remodeling job. Imagine that! Push up your sleeves, put on your steel toed-boots and hard hat; it's time to be made new!

Alene Snodgrass, author of Dirty Laundry Secrets, knows the refreshing feeling of a spiritual makeover. She speaks regularly around the country at conferences and retreats sharing Christ through her real life experiences. Alene, her husband, and three children reside in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Alene has written a marvelous study that will have you bent-over laughing one minute and laying on the ground gasping for air the next. If you are hungry for transformation that reaches all the way into your thoughts, your motives, your choices, and the very rhythm of your heart, please grab "I'm a Fixer-Upper" immediately, and get prepared for a beautiful encounter with God.

-Jen Hatmaker

speaker & author of Interrupted, 7, and Modern Girl Bible Studies

Alene's book is full of insight and tips that causes your heart to pursue a spiritual makeover. Equally important, she is authentic and entertaining. Alene eloquently and gently reminds us not to squander what God paid such a high price for! You will feel energized and refocused at the end of this book.

-Jessica Cornelius

speaker and wife of Pastor Bil Cornelius of Bay Area Fellowship

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